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Trained in visual arts, architecture and planning, I like to produce artworks that contribute to the functionality and conviviality of public spaces. I see the creation of public artworks as an opportunity to introduce dynamism into our built environments. I thus play with the boundary between art and furniture design in order to diversify the functional offer as well as the way people interact with their surroundings.

In this way, my works offer new forms, new postures, but also new perceptions. The bench function, recurring in my production, is often the one through which I invite the spectators to a more physical and intimate contact with my creations. I also play with the displacement of the gaze between that directed towards the artwork and that directed towards the environment once the individual is seated.




Camille Rajotte holds a master's degree in Urban planning at Université de Montreal (2022). She also holds a master's degree in visual arts (2016), a certificate in architecture (2016) and a bachelor's degree in visual and media arts (2013) from Université Laval, Quebec City. Through this dual training, she is specialized in the field of public art, both from a theoretical and practical point of view. Since 2017, she is listed in the artist bank for the Quebec provincial government’s official public art integration policy. She participated in numerous public art competitions and produced several permanent and temporary public artworks in Canada and internationally (Marseille, France (2012) ; Berlin, Germany (2014) ; Montreal,Qc (2015,2017) ; Barcelona, ​​Spain (2016) ; St John, NB (2018) ; Ville-Marie, Qc (2021) ; Stoneham, Qc (2021) ; Québec, Qc (2023) ; Orillia, Qc (2023). His artistic approach has also taken concrete form in installations during individual exhibitions (Trois-Rivières, Qc (2020) ; Rimouski, Qc (2016) ; Quebec, Qc (2015)) and various group exhibitions (Quebec, Canada (2012) ; Montreal, Qc (2014) ; Portland OR, USA (2015) ; Barcelona, ​​Spain (2016)).


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