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Camille_Rajotte_Jambage, traverse et app
Camille Rajotte
Camille Rajotte
Camille Rajotte
Camille Rajotte
Camille Rajotte
Jambage, traverse et appui, 2020
Solo exhibition, Galerie d'art du Parc, Trois-Rivières

4 rooms

This exhibition is directly inspired by the gallery, the manor of Tonnancour. More precisely by the woodwork, these architectural ornamental elements which have survived the ages and which testify of the various vocations or uses of the place. In addition to the historical aspect of these details, the exhibition aimed to highlight the different linearities caused by these moldings. New moldings, duplicated from the originals, were then added to create patterns, reveal architectural elements hidden behind display panels or play on the perception of spaces. 

À deux c'est mieux!, 2017
Group exhibition : Art Souterrain Festival - Jeu et diversion
Palais des Congrès, Montreal

25 feet X 20 feet X 40 feet

À deux, c’est mieux! is a very simple and delicate intervention that gives a look to the common space, its design as well as its possible uses. The interest of this project is in the experience that people will make of it. While the shape and the movement reminds the seesaw swing, the ambiguous position of such an object of amusement refers to the horse swaying in exchange for a few coins. Then, this project asserts, in its functioning, the idea that pleasure is linked to a shared experience with another. Indeed, the swing can only function by having an accomplice in the game. Both seats, however, are back, and this, to affirm the individuality of the experience, even while sharing a common reality.

Porter vers le haut, 2016
Solo exhibition, Caravansérail, Rimouski

25 feet X 20 feet X 40 feet

The project tried to show the gallery and to position it as content rather than as containing exhibition. The installation took shape with two modules which, between abstract forms, furniture and architectural referent, were in fact clues to direct the attention of the viewer towards the real subject of the exhibition, that is the ceiling of the gallery. This one being installed in an old cinema, an undeniable seal emerged from the ceiling, but very few visitors of the gallery noticed it. This project allowed me to show the place differently thanks to these modules whose color and shapes resembled those of the ceiling.

Il y a ce mur qui m'empêche de voir, 2015
Solo exhibition, Galerie des arts visuels de l'Université Laval, Quebec City

9 feet X 28 feet X 16 feet

The project, conceived in situ, transpose, within the same gallery, the outdoor space in front of his window. In this project, I play with the architectural features of the exhibition space, in particular by putting forward the presence of a wall that partially prevents passersby to see inside. It prevents moreover visitors of the gallery to see completely outside. While fully recreates the space of the sidewalk in the gallery, the wall and what it hides become the object of our attention. The transmission of external sounds suddenly replaces what remains invisible. In this strange shift, I propose a physical and sensorial experience allowing us to address differently the urban spectacle of the street.

Extraction, 2014
Solo exhibition, Galerie La Canisse,

Bois (contre-plaqué)

8 feet X 16 feet X 3 1/2 feet

Extraction is an in situ work that takes inspiration from its architectural context by bringing a specific aspect of this context to the fore. The work “extracts” the alcove in the wall behind it. Its structure is simple: a skeletal frame, which, though empty, becomes imposing by giving form to the volume that has been removed from the wall.  “Translating” this empty space to the very centre of the gallery forces spectators to cross through it or walk around it, engendering a reflection on the space they occupy and take for granted. The work enacts a detachment from the space as we understand it, amplifying the absence created by the hollow space in the wall.



Maisons inhabitables, 2012
Group exhibition,  Épilogue, Espace 400e Bell, Québec

Métal and polystyrene

5 feet X 6 feet X 5 feet

Maison inhabitable (Inhabitable House), was a response to the small cabins built on pilings in Quebec City’s Old Port. Interrogating this use of the form of the house, divorced from its function as habitat, I recreated the process within the exhibition space by constructing a frame cabin on the building’s architectural support beam. My “building” was located facing the originals that inspired it, in an equally inaccessible position, but inside rather than outside.


Maisons inhabitables

© Camille Rajotte

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