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Plonge tes racines et touche le ciel, (in progress)

École Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau, Gatineau

Beans are an impressive plant to grow. As soon as the seed is moistened, the stalk shoots up to great heights, revealing its first leavesand then others. These leaves are disproportionately large in relation to the stem, but give a true measure of the plant's ambition to growby leaps and bounds. And isn't this a fitting analogy for our children, who grow and explore with such vigour?

The work expresses the symbolic similarity between this plant and elementary school children. At once fragile and young, strong anddetermined to blossom. But also firmly rooted in a solid, nourishing soil.


C'est la rivière qui me l'a raconté, (in progress)

Place de l'église, Sainte-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier

This work represents the permanence of the Jacques-Cartier River in a human and social landscape that has evolved. The work thus gives voice to the river, like a grandmother who invites us to sit down and tell us about her experiences.


Au courant des saules, 2023

Parc du Petit Bois, Québec

This artwork marks the entrance to the Parc du Petit Bois while expressing the identity of the neighborhood. Its shapes evoke the meanders of the river and willow leaves, two emblematic elements of the sector. Conceptually, it represents dynamism, welcome and multiculturalism.


Au courant des saules was designed as part of cultural mediation with citizens of the Duberger-Les Saules district. The eight participants took part in all stages of design, from the initial site visit, to conceptual thinking and the creation of the model.


Endorphin, 2023

Recreation Center, Orillia (ON)

Endorphin is a colourful, evocative and functional work of public art. Inspired by the human “happiness hormone,” it invites the public to reflect on the pleasures of social interaction.

The arrangement of hands at the top of the panels recalls the molecular formula of endorphin. In the piece, as in life, hands come together to acknowledge a meeting, give encouragement, celebrate victories, rally a team, congratulate or commiserate with others—the many brief but poignant moments when we connect with members of our community.

Endorphin is a tribute to the pleasure and happiness we find in working and playing together and in social interactions. Ties forged between individuals are essential to building a sense of togetherness and attachment to the community we share.


À travers les bois, 2021

 Hopital Ville-Marie, Ville-Marie

This artwork is made up of different components that together create the image of a snowshoe. This anamorphosis thus allows a different appreciation of the work depending on the position of the viewer, outside or inside the building. Outside, as users approach the building, various elements are deployed and form a human-scale public place. It is then possible to sit or walk between these elements in order to appreciate the four panels. These are perforated with organic patterns referring to natural peculiarities of the region; birch leaf, waves and cedar branches. Once inside, the user will be able to contemplate the work as a whole and see the image of the snowshoe assembled. He will also see the rope appear through the patterns in transparency.